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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The land where the soul of India lays - Rajasthan

The land where 100yrs old culture is intact, the place where you can witness the traces of Mughal reign in India, the state of Asia’s one of the largest deserts, the place of camel rides and elephant safaris, the place of authentic food, beautiful folk dance and hundreds of ancient monuments, is none other than our own Royal Rajasthan.  Rajasthan is all the above and much more. It is unquestionably a beautiful ornament adorned by our mother land. Rajasthan is considered a very magnifying and mysterious place which makes it one of the most favorable tourism places in India.
Rajasthan Tours
Rajasthan tours are famous not only in our country but also in the neighboring countries. The reason is not just because it is mystifying, but also because it has roots to the Golden Era of India and also has some charming places which are worth visiting. Rajasthan tourism takes you to cities like Jaipur, which is known as the pink city. It is also the capital of the state. Jaipur is one of the three cities of the Golden Triangle of India. Other mind capturing places of the region are Bikaner, Ajmer, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Udaipur, and Ranthambor.

The most frequently booked Rajasthan India tours are the Golden Triangle tours, which include the three wonderful places Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. You have different packages associated with the Golden Triangle Tours; the Luxury Train tours that has four incredible tour packages of Rajasthan. Palace on wheel and Royal Rajasthan on wheels are two among them. The Train tour is highly recommended. The long journey takes you through all the intricate parts of Rajasthan along with a majestic service; the Heritage tour of Rajasthan is also quite famous, which comprises of a journey to the pilgrim spots.

Rajasthan India Tours
Rajasthan Tourism tours also have exclusive range of Desert Tour packages. The Thar Desert, which covers 3/4th of Rajasthan’s ground area, is the 18th largest desert of the world. The desert tours include wildlife desert safari, golden triangle and desert tour, Bikaner desert tour, Jodhpur desert tour, where the famous desert festival Marwar takes place and lot more. The kite festival, the Naguar fair and the mud houses are all part of the desert tour. Few must visit places here are Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Ranthambor National Park and Tiger Reserve, Dilwara temple in Mt. Abu and Khajuraho for its prehistoric monuments.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Five Best Destinations for Summer Holidays in India...!!!!

What are the best destinations for summer holidays in India? We have selected five places, listed below (not in order), just for you that will make your vacation memorable for a lifetime.

In the first place, the North India Taj Mahal Tours is one of the best destinations. With offers for sightseeing, the Taj Mahal Tour Packages will never fail to surprise any holiday-maker. The Taj Mahal India Tours are also a great way to revisit history. Taste a piece of history as you will get to see a part of medieval India in the Taj Mahal Tours. Above all, the Tour of Taj Mahal is the blend of artistic holidaymaking and celebration of love.

Take a leap from history to the great beaches of India with the Goa Tourism Services. Enjoy a quality time, roaming around the city during the day while you can spend the evening at the beach in the Goa Tours. The Goa Tourism is also renowned for vacationers planning for the summer magic. There is a lot more you can expect from the Goa Tours Packages.

An entirely new sensation awaits you at the Rajasthan Tourism services. As in the Taj Mahal Tours, the Rajasthan Tour is also an exceptional chance for you to explore a piece of Indian history – just opt for the Rajasthan Tour Packages. It is best illustrated in the numerous forts, monuments, historical buildings and heritage sites that are part of the Rajasthan Tourism. The Rajasthan Tourism Packages come with bundles of surprise elements.

The Sikkim Tourism is in the next list of the best destinations. Enjoy the blend of natural beauty and the perfect summer holiday plan with the Sikkim Tours. One of the greatest things about the Sikkim Tours Packages is the ultimate way to beat the heat of the Indian summer. There are plenty of spots in the Sikkim Tourism Packages Tours.

Finally we have the Himachal Pradesh Tourism in our list of the best destinations for summer holidays. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Packages are quite similar to those of Sikkim. There are also religious places that are included in the Himachal Tourism Services. In the Tours of Himachal Pradesh, get ready for some adrenaline-rushing adventures. What more do you expect from the Himachal Tours?
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